Yilite Hair industries co.ltd, one of the biggest 100% human hair products manufacturing and selling company in Xuchang, China With more than 13 years experience.
    Strict quality control, Exquisite hand-tied skill makes our factory more competitive and our products have been widely recognized at the same time.Bring beauty and confidence for all women is the goal Yilite Hair has been chasing, we never stop the pace to bring elegant to every one of you.
    Our technicians being engaged all have over 10 years experience and specialized in handling human hair,they have rich experience in management of superior quality. They always control the whole process of the production with the limit in protecting hair.
    Our belief is Quality First and Customer first. We support both big distributor customer customized orders and small retailer customers online orders. All our work is going to make the business to trade with trust and confidence.
    Producing quality products is what has kept our company going strong in the highly competitive hair industry. Customer loyalty is the main component of the growth of our business, and the way we create loyal customers is by consistently providing quality products and excellent customer service.
    Yilite Hair is highly dedicated to offering the unique combination of quality and affordability to our customers. We are pleased that you have taken an interest in our products, each purchase is a chance for us to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.
    Yilite Hair has an enormous variety of hair products, they are all 100% natural remy hair, such as hair weaves, colorful I-tip, U-tip, Clip-in hair for different hair style . besides , we facous on remy hair and are we have won a high reputation & credit among customers in all regions due to our high product quality and excellent services.

    The source of materials come from different places and regions according to being exported to different regions of the world ,and different requirements of the customers. When purchasing, our technicians can judge and distinguish exactly the hair's color, smooth, density and diam.So that our products can be soft but durable,long but healthy,and fine but thick,and meets any request of customer to accomplish a head of full,shine and volume hair. Welcome coming and visiting our factory and cooperation for development.
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